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Why is the quality of domestic auto parts industry worrying?
2019-05-31 16:13:17

Why is the quality of domestic auto parts industry worrying? At present, domestic automobile parts suppliers generally adopt the "drawing processing" mode, that is, automobile manufacturers provide product data and drawings to suppliers, the latter manufacture according to drawings; in the same case, the difference should be in the use of materials and manufacturing process.

Because the processed products can be controlled visibly according to the tolerance of drawings, in many cases, the defect of raw materials has become one of the main causes of recalls.

With the increasing competition in China's automobile market, controlling the cost of the whole vehicle is the preferred action for joint venture and independent automobile enterprises to obtain more profits. In the Chinese market, the relevant joint venture car companies to seek profits in various types of car reductions, even jerry-building news is very common.

In recent years, the price of domestic raw materials has been rising continuously. Under the circumstance of the continuous reduction of vehicle cost, manufacturers will inevitably transfer the pressure of cost reduction to the suppliers of spare parts, which leads to the jerry-building of some suppliers.

At present, with the rapid development of China's automobile market, the process of localization of automobile parts is accelerating. In order to reduce the price of automobile and win the market, automobile manufacturers constantly squeeze the space of parts suppliers. If sustainable development continues, the quality of automobile parts is worrying.

Although some enterprises often claim that their localization rate is as high as 95%, in fact, more than 80% of the components are matched by the parts factory in their country, which is not domestic at all in the strict sense. Pure domestic suppliers are very few, such as some vehicles chrome-plated bars, simple interior accessories are provided by domestic enterprises.

"Collaborative R&D" and "Independent Innovation" are still out of reach for most automotive parts suppliers.

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