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What are the adaptability requirements of modern automotive stamping process?
2019-05-31 17:24:24

Stamping process is one of the processing methods to complete metal plastic forming. External forces are usually exerted on sheets, strips, pipes and profiles by press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece.

For example, all kinds of automobile body panels, interior support parts, structural reinforcement parts, as well as a large number of automobile parts, such as engine exhaust elbow and muffler, hollow camshaft, oil pan, engine bracket, frame structure parts, crossbeam and so on, automobile stamping parts are developed by stamping forming technology in the direction of precision, multi-function, high efficiency, energy saving, safe and clean production. The manufacturing technology level and quality of stamping parts have a direct impact on the quality of automobile manufacturing to a large extent.

The adaptability of stamping process is whether the dimension, dimension accuracy and reference, structure and shape of stamping parts meet the requirements of stamping process. Automobile stamping parts should have good craftsmanship and economy. The important signs to measure the level of stamping parts are the number of stamping processes, the number and size of body assemblies, the structure of stamping parts and other factors.

Reducing the number of stamping processes means reducing the number of stamping parts, saving the number of tooling, simplifying the transmission device of stamping process, reducing the maneuvering staff and stamping area, which is an excellent measure to save investment and energy consumption. In addition, modern automobile manufacturing uses a large number of high strength steel sheets and galvanized steel sheets with coil and thin shell integral body structure, which require the application of new stamping technology.

In the stamping of automotive parts, the factors affecting the yield of stamping and drawing are roughly the accuracy of stamping equipment, the rationality of die design, the quality of stamping die and the performance of stamping oil. How to select stamping oil is also an important subject of stamping technology.

Low viscosity punching oil will be selected on the premise of preventing punching burr. In addition, the anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties of stamping oil for processing silicon steel sheet for automotive parts should meet certain requirements, which can avoid rusting of workpiece, protect operating environment and generate irritating gases.

Carbon steel plate: When choosing stamping oil for carbon steel plate, the first thing we should pay attention to is the viscosity of drawing oil. The better viscosity is determined according to the difficulty of processing, the method of feeding stretching oil and degreasing conditions. Secondly, the oiliness of easy forming, extreme pressure, rust resistance, degreasing and no toxic gases produced during welding must be considered.

Galvanized steel sheet: Galvanized steel sheet is a welded steel sheet with hot-dip or galvanized coating on its surface. Because it will react with chlorine additives, it should be noted that white rust may occur in chlorine-type stamping oil when choosing stamping oil. The rust problem can be avoided by using Yida Borun sulfur-type stamping oil, but degreasing should be done as soon as possible after stamping.

Copper and aluminium alloy sheet: Because copper and aluminium have good ductility, when choosing stamping oil, stamping oil with oiliness agent and good sliding property can be selected. Stamping oil containing chlorine can avoid adding stamping oil. Otherwise, stamping oil will corrode copper and aluminium alloy and make its surface black.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel is easy to produce work hardening material, requires the use of oil film strength, good sintering resistance of tensile oil. Pressing oil containing sulfur and chlorine compound additives is generally used to ensure extreme pressure processing performance and avoid burrs and cracks on the workpiece.

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